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Group profile

  Hubei Saishang Garment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Group Company") is a large-scale apparel enterprise integrating design, research and development, customization and processing, and brand marketing of apparel. Since its joint venture with Japan in 1992, the group company has total assets of 220 million yuan, more than 2,000 employees, and a production area of 40,000 square meters. It has 2,280 sets of professional sewing equipment, with annual customization and processing of 100. 10,000 pieces (sets) of high-end clothing production capacity, with a personalized custom smart factory, can provide suits (all handmade, semi-manual, full wool, half wool and adhesive lining), shirts, windbreakers, coats, leisure The high-end customization is one of the most professional factories in China's apparel industry for personalized customization, production, distribution and service.

  The group company adheres to the entrepreneurial philosophy of "survive by quality, develop by innovation". It adopts ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 international environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system and Japan's advanced management experience to manage. The products enjoy high reputation in the international and domestic markets, and have won many "National Double-Excel Foreign Investment Enterprises". Honorary title of "National Double Love and Double Evaluation Advanced Enterprise" and "Top Ten Enterprises in Hubei Province". The "STOR CEZON" trademark was awarded "China Famous Brand".

  The group company has three subsidiaries, namely, Hubei Sai Shang, Hu Beichun, and Shanghai Cezanne.

  Hubei Sai Shangnian processes and produces 800,000 pieces of high-end windbreaker, overcoat and casual wear, pays attention to product quality control, introduces lean sewing single-piece assembly line, and has high-grade, small batch and fast corresponding ability.

  Hubei Meichun combines the logic of 3D printing with the idea of Industry 4.0. It uses RFID wireless radio frequency technology to introduce intelligent manufacturing garment production lines, adopts Italian manual crafts, and implements personalized customized intelligent production of suits to become a high-end customized personalized service platform. With an easy-to-use ordering system, one-person version of the automatic matching system, a powerful intelligent production system, and a convenient and efficient logistics system, the personalized order takes only 7-10 working days from order to delivery. Meichun has the ability to produce 200,000 pieces of high-end personalized custom suits per year.

  Shanghai Cezanne has the ability to develop new products, OEM orders, production and processing management capabilities, and can develop new products for domestic first- and second-line brands. It is responsible for accepting 100,000 sets of OEM orders each year, and can independently carry out "Stoze". "Shang" brand operation, is committed to "Stozeshang" into a world-famous personalized men's all-class custom brand.

  The group company provides noble and inexpensive custom-made clothing, and develops a one-stop service platform for global men's personalized customization for the development of human fashion, comfortable and fit dress culture, and strives to be the most professional in suits, shirts, windbreakers, coats and casual wear. Customized business. The group company is willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with international and domestic friends to create a brilliant career!


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  Address: No. 75, Li Shizhen Avenue, Hunchun County, Hubei Province, China

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  賽尚公司の創業理念は“品質に依存して生き残る、革新で発展を求める”です、ISO9001国際品質管理体系、ISO14001国際環境管理体系、OHSAS18001職業健康安全システムを採用して、日本先進的な管理経験で会社の管理を行ってあります、商品は国際、国内の市場で非常に高い評価を持っています、何回も“全国双優外資投資企業”、 “全国双愛双評先進企業”、 “湖北尚の服装業界の十強の企業”などの栄誉称号を獲得しました。“STOR CEZON斯多塞尚”の商標は“中国有名商標”と評価されました。






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