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Brand story

Brand Introduction:
     STOR CEZON is a brand that derives from French art.
     Francois Maurois was born in a factory owner family in Lyon, France, in the late 1840s, during the king Louis Philippi. His father, old Maurois, was a renowned tailor in Lyon and had a sizable tailoring workshop. At eighteen, Maurois learned to be a tailor from his father in the workshop. Then, he was already the father’s right-hand man at twenty years old and at the age of twenty-five, he was also a famous tailor.
     In Paris in 1869, Maurois met Paul Cezanne, a representative of the late impressionism known as the father of modern painting, Paul Cezanne (1839-1906, France). Under the influence of Cezanne, Maurois also developed a keen interest in the are of painting, from the ordinary appreciator of Cezanne’s works to the admirers, they became close friends finally. In Paul Cezanne’s creative career, Francois Maurois gave him great mental and material support!
     On October 22, 1906, Cezanne died of a heart attack, and Francois Maurois was devastated. In honor of Paul Cezanne, Maurois registered the ready-to-wear garment made in his factory as the “STOR CEZON”brand, which means “the story of Cezanne”, at the end of the year. And he was determined to us the concept of Cezanne’s “pursuit of the essence and innovation” in art creation in his ready-to-wear creation.
     In 1949, “STOR CEZON” expanded the European market.
     In 1980, “STOR CEZON”entered US market.
     In 1995, established the French company CEZON clothing (Hong Kong) international limited company, “STOR CEZON” expanded the Asian market.
     From 1996 to 2002, established branched in Japan, South Korea and Singapore.
     In 2003, Shanghai CEZON clothing co., LTD was established, and “STOR CEZON” entered mainland China.